2023's Best Leather Journals: Our Top Picks

Are you in search of a sturdy, long-lasting, and handsome journal made with leather bound? Your search ends here. In this blog post, we have carefully selected and made a list of our top picks for the best leather journals for writing in the year 2023. We made choosing a quality and durable leather journal easy for you, so go through this blog thoroughly and take a look at the best journals. 

Guide for Buying a Leather Journal

Any journal can be used for the purpose of taking notes and jotting down journaling ideas, but buying a type-specific leather journal according to your purpose makes it even more effective. 

A journal may differ in size, material, design, and also customized or specialized ruling. You need to pick the one that fits your preference and services the use for buying the perfect leather journal. Let us see the choices.

2023 leather journals top picks

Solimo Vintage Leather Bound Diary

Made with genuine leather and an attractive design and color, the vintage leather journal is a choice for many. It is easy to carry anywhere and in any kind of bag as it comes in a compact size and is lightweight. One need not worry about the pages of their leather journal coming loose as it has a euro-style binding along with a hand stitch. 

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Handmade Antique Duckle Edge Paper 

Also known as the book of shadows journals for sketching, this leather journal type emphasizes on true craftsmanship and tradition. One can feel the soft texture of virgin cotton on the papers as they are handmade in a very unique way. This leather journal is most preferred by all for its durability, where a vintage-like charm comes as a bonus.

Moleskine Classic Leather Notebooks

A good writing experience can come off a bit expensive but it is all worth it. Moleskin notebooks are made with fine-quality Italian leather and have a sophisticated finish. A cushion cover on the outside and crisp pages in the ivory shade on the inside make it a completely pleasurable journaling experience. 

The Final Words

These were the top three leather journal picks for 2023, you can buy one of them blindly and begin with the habit of maintaining journals and jotting down everyday life events.

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